A world premiere from Minneapolis composer and avant-garde mainstay Chris Strouth, Safe As Houses is the follow-up to his very successful “Antarctica,” produced earlier this year at the Public Functionary Gallery.  Safe As Houses is a multisensory experience using song, music, movement, installation, and video to create something larger than the sum of its parts. At its core, Safe As Houses is about safety, both real and metaphorical. What does safety look like when everything is in a rapid state of flux, and the truths that used to be self-evident are blurred by information and fogged by nostalgia?

Safe As Houses in many ways is a postmodern opera, including vocal guest stars Christian Erickson (Blue Sky Blackout), Janey Winterbauer (Wits), Mayda, and Alan Subola (The Vibro Champs, Bad Companions). This is also Strouth’s third collaboration with world-renowned choreographer Deborah Jinza Thayer and her company Deborah Jinza Thayer: Movement Architecture. The show is a combination of immersive environment, performance and projection, in this case turning the theater into a giant dollhouse. Think Guillermo Del Toro meets Grey Gardens.